Gina Valentina Earns Her Collar

Super hot Gina Valentina wants to earn her slave collar so badly she will do anything to get it. Gina’s pretty mouth drools around the big red ball gag as she squats with the buckets and the nipple clamps – awaiting her fate. Will it be pain or pleasure for the eager little slut? … and then, a face full of hard cock. Reward for her slutty performance is an orgasm – now get it, Gina.

When Gina is bent over naked and bound to the fuck box, her little pussy opens up to take Tommy’s fist! Pussy fisting little slut. Tommy canes her ass and thighs for being such a whore, then he fucks her silly, doggie style, while finger banging her tight asshole.

Gina loves it and fucks Tommy back like a bitch in heat, all day long. This babe is super sexy, and she gives it up for us, hardcore, in this hot update.

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Training Callie Klein to be an Obedient, Willing, Dirty Slut

Callie Klein wants to be dominated and trained. Her goal is to become the obedient, willing dirty slut that she knows she can be. Slave trainer Tommy Pistol uses bondage, gags, nipple clamps, pain and orgasms to teach Callie how to please him. Callie fucks hard and fast for her trainer, and begs for his discipline and come.

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Training the Eager Newcomer to Suffer for Cock

Sexy newcomer Harley Jade is an eager little submissive that brings allot of enthusiasm for cock to the table. But is she willing to work hard to get fucked? Harley learns that whips and chains strengthen our resolve as she suffers in frustrating predicament bondage just to earn a huge cock gagging down her tight throat. And when it’s time to fuck, the harder the better. Harley takes a vicious pounding from the Gimp and begs for more as the hot come is splattering all over her tender white skin. Impressive Harley, you are a very apt pupil.

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Kacie Castle’s Punishment Game

Sexy Kacie Castle loves to play the punishment game. Kacie was a Bad Girl, and Seth Gamble gives her a chance to make it up to him. Kacie is told to clamp her own nipples, and from then on she takes her punishment like a good girl. Kacie’s ass is not the only thing that gets spanked. Her squirting pussy is plump as a plum by the time we are done slapping it and fucking it.

When Kacie takes her punishment in the ass she begs for redemption, and Seth anoints the slave with a hot load across the face. Kacie was a bad girl, but she’s a good girl now.

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Open Throat Training Cali Carter

Cali Carter is a big tit, big ass beauty that knows how to bounce it. But first I want to see those tits tied and clamped. After a couple of screaming orgasms, Cali shows off and tells us she loves it down the throat – so, we put it to the test with our two foot long dong! Pete finishes of the Oral part of our lessen with a gratuitous and sloppy blow job.

Cali Spends the rest of her day bouncing that ass on hard dick, tied up, gagged, clamped, slapped and spanked so get yer dicks out and give this beauty the one fist salute!

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The Training of Joseline Kelly

Hot all natural cutie Joseline Kelly is eager to learn the ways of Kink, and her slave trainers are here to put her through her paces with painful stress positions, sloppy blowjobs and hard sex in tight bondage. Joseline gets through it just barely, and realizes by the end that there is more to being a slave girl than just getting tied up and fucked.

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Kira Noir Trained to Fist Her Own Ass!

Bill Bailey puts Kira Noir to the task of fucking herself. In the ass. With her own fist! Bailey warms the slave girl up with a hard, sloppy face fucking in tight rope bondage. Then it’s face down, ass up for some doggie pounding, ass stretching, anal slave training! Kira get’s Bills big dick in all her holes by the time she is on her back with her thighs tied open, begging for Bill’s come! Kira is smokin` hot in this filthy film about stretching anal limits.

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Slave Training of Alison Rey

All natural hottie Alison Rey begs for her trainer’s attention, and Mr Pete responds with strict bondage, strict rules and quick discipline. Alison learns the value hard work and the rewards of pleasing Pete. A hard, sloppy blowjob in tight bondage leaves Alison’s perfect natural tits cover in her own drool. Alison is a great submissive slut and gives it up to Pete in several positions, Super hot girl, hot training!

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Slave Training Lauren Phillips: Your Whore, Your Cunt, Your Bitch

Big tit juicy redhead Lauren Phillips learns a very important lesson from her slave trainer: She is His Whore, His Cunt and His Bitch. Lauren endures tight bondage, gags, whips and a giant cock in her ass for a hard anal fucking in this slave training update!

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My Ass Belongs to You Sir: Slave Training of Riley Reyes

Hot anal loving blonde babe Riley Reyes loves when Tommy Pistol trains her to be his slave. Tommy wastes no time in teaching the fundamentals: Posture, Eye Contact and Gratitude. With the basics in hand, Riley is ready to move on to hard anal submission. Bondage, gags, discipline, whips and rough sex fill the rest of the curriculum for slave trainee Riley Reyes.

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