Feature ShootAbandoned Slaves

Posted on May 7, 2012.

This week we have a fantasy feature shoot with one our community members, Alice Kingsworth, as a featured model.
San Francisco is plagued with an underground slave trade, yet the missing persons reports have not increased. The media has taken notice with hopes of digging in and finding the truth. In this fantasy we get a first hand look into this dark world, only to see that there is a reason these things go on and why.
There are four girls caged in an abandoned warehouse like animals, while their trainer and spotter sit by patiently waiting for their next client to appear. He walks in and begins inspecting the merchandise. He picks the one he likes best and the trainer accompanies him to ensure he is getting exactly what he wants.
The day goes on and he decides that he will keep her for now.


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4 Girl AuditionsSexual Testing

Posted on October 1, 2011.

Our little trainees have been prodded, shocked, caned, tied down, made to endure mind fucks and relentless orgasms all so we could get a sense of their abilities. We have vanity, brat, o, and meow well figured out as submissives, but we are still not sure what they can do with a hard cock. Time for some sexual testing. We throw James Deen in with the girls and see how they fare. Nothing could have prepared us for the fuck festival and depravity these gorgeous girls are capable of. One girl who refuses to service men on camera offers herself for some face fucking, two ANAL VIRGINS offer themselves for anal for the first time ever. And the most experienced whore of the group is told to grind against the wall jealously with no attention at all. We are literally in shock at the lengths these girls will go to impress their trainers. There is not one moment of time when these tight sluts aren’t sitting on each others faces, sucking dick, taking punishment, workings cock into their ass, or squirting on the floor. Regardless of their efforts, only one trainee can get the cum. Watch to find out who it will be.


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Day 5 sparky and muscles

Posted on March 5, 2011.

In the final day of training the girls are put through heavy labor and endurance testing. They are pushed harder than they have been pushed thus far. Today they discover that the limits they once had have been pushed and they have grown to be stronger slaves.


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Day 2 February’s Final 2 Slaves

Posted on February 20, 2011.

It always comes down to the simplest things with these girls. When I’m looking for a potential trainee, I look for a well rounded girl who is willing to face fears and excel as a slave. We respect all limits, but we also need these girls to have the desire to push their limits. With that being said, all of the girls were tough and most wanted to give it a try, but only two had what it takes to move on. We are looking for girls that are 100% ready to dedicate themselves to becoming a true slave.


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Double Trouble

Posted on November 23, 2010.

Alicia told Adrianna about her first time tasting piss last month. The way she loves who it tastes and feels all over her body. I find these two sexy ladies hot and horny waiting on their knees. Adrianna has been saving her piss for me. When I get there she shows me how bad she has to go. With wet piss soaked panties the girls get nasty and lick up all the golden goodness.


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